We would like to share this great piece of feedback we received from Dave Crossley at XL Joinery. Well done to the Spartan team.

“More shiny new Spartan Trucks at XL Joinery….. We’ve added to our fleet of Fork Lift Trucks with the arrival of 10 new Spartan FLT machines at our show-piece site in Birstall.
Our continued thanks to Adam, Lee, Claire, Jody, Richard and the rest of the Team at Spartan who just continue doing what they do best… deliver!
They deliver really decent spec’ trucks, they deliver great value, they deliver on time, they deliver cracking after service and they go out of their way to deliver a huge support package !!
A very challenging last couple of months but not a single break in Operations and Service…… thank you guys.”

Dave Crossley, XL Joinery

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