Thank you to everybody who has donated and supported us so far.

On Saturday 12th February 2022 twenty-eight of us (mostly staff and those closely affiliated with Spartan) undertook the Gardens of Eden walk event. This meant walking 23 miles across Huddersfield in a bid to raise money for Eden’s neuroblastoma cancer treatment. The weather on the day was windy and rainy, but we all enjoyed coming together for such an important cause.

As a team we have now raised over £7,500 and the event in total has topped £150,000 which is a magnificent achievement. We are very proud of everybody who took part, particularly considering the conditions we had on the day. We are also grateful for everybody’s fundraising attempts, as we far surpassed what we originally thought possible. Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported us so far.

You can still donate to the cause through our JustGiving page at

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