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    Electric Forklift

    Cesab – B600ii

    • Load capacity - 2 to 3.5 tonnes
    • High performance intelligent Mast Design (IMD)
    • Less maintenance, high productivity
    • Excellent all round visibility

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    Key Features

    Programmable performance

    The multifunctional display allows performance to be optimised depending on the task at hand while access via up to 40 PIN codes means performance can be tailored to the abilities of individual operators.

    Easy access and driving comfort

    The low intermediate step provides comfortable access to the operator's compartment. Different choices of seat and pedal configurations deliver the comfort that operators need to remain productive throughout their working shift.

    Fingertip controls for more precise handling

    Precise operation is achieved through the proportional fingertip controls fitted as standard or the option of mini-joystick controls.

    Energy saving components enhance battery performance

    The use of low energy LED lights and the elimination and cooling fan minimise energy consumption and prolong battery life to deliver higher productivity.

    Technical Specification




    Engine Model


    Load Capacity [kg]

    2.0 to 3.5 tonnes

    Load Centre [mm]


    Standard Lift Height [mm]


    Travel Speed with/without Load [km/h]


    Lifting Speed with/without Load [m/s]

    0.39 to 0.52

    Turning Radius [mm]

    1922 to 2213

    Industry leading mast technology

    Superior Visibility

    Two full free lift (FFL) cylinders provide excellent operator visibility, allowing fast and accurate stacking operations as well as loading and unloading. The 3rd and 4th ways are integrated into the mast to further optimise visibility as well as providing protection to the hoses.

    High Strength, Higher Performance

    The mast is manufactured using an optimised welding process. This results in higher performance in terms of both longevity (less stress and wear on the mast) and durability (greater protection against damage due to overload).

    Reduced Noise & Vibration

    A hydraulic brake effect at lifting and lowering end stroke makes for smoother operation. This contributes to stability and a more comfortable working environment. Two FFL cylinders reduce vibration compared to single cylinder designs.

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