Cleckheaton based, forklift company, Spartan have worked with local creative agency, Fishtank, to develop their brand new website. The website aims to provide customers with information on the services they offer, enable users to contact them and make enquiries easier, as well as ensuring relevant information can be found quickly and easily.

The website redesign, allows Spartan to present its customers with a sophisticated portal that allows for comprehensive information to be easily found through an easy to use navigation tool. Fishtank brought together compelling designs and creativity to bring to life the Spartan brand through every page of the new website.

A strong web experience requires effective design and strong development with the end user in mind. Spartan have effectively delivered a digital experience that works seamlessly across all devices.  

This new website will enable customers to check out their full range of forklifts, including their used equipment. Consumers will be able to research the specification they require, making the process quicker and easier to use. Every specification from the power of the forklift to the application it is used for will be provided. Alternatively, if customers prefer to speak to a member of staff at Spartan directly, the easy call to action button on the top of the web page will provide customers with quick and easy access to the company’s contact details.

The brand new website has launched just in time for Spartans 10 year anniversary celebrations, where they will have a central hub to shout about all their activities over 2019. Stay tuned for more Spartan related news.

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